THE saga continues without an end in sight. But the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao rivalry remains boxing’s hottest topic. Boxing News spoke with several star fighters – both old and new – to find out who would be the winner should the dream bout ever become reality.

[Floyd] Mayweather probably wins. [Manny] Pacquiao is open a lot, he gets caught with a lot of shots. His workrate has dropped a lot, in my opinion. Age is going to get to you, you’re going to be old one day and you can see that age now, in Mayweather and Pacquiao but they’re still great fighters, the things they are doing things most 25-year-olds can’t do.”

“It will be who can stamp their style on the fight before the other one can,” he said. “You’re looking at Manny, the best offensive fighter out there with speed, power, angles, no rhythm and how he overwhelms people and you’ve got Mayweather who will look at your weakness and figure you out as time goes by. Of course, he has his defensive ability. Manny is my friend but I’d say it’s 50-50. “These guys are the best at what they do. You can’t know what will happen. It could be a one-sided fight for all we know, or Manny could take him out. The fight with [Ricky] Hatton and Manny… I thought it would be really close, 50-50, and he just landed one punch and it was done.”

“Mayweather has better defence. If you make a mistake he will go for that. I like Manny, he’s a great guy but he’s not the same fighter he was a couple of years ago.”

“[Mayweather wins] because he’s an intelligent fighter.”

“It don’t matter to me if they fight or not for the simple fact that I know he’ll [Mayweather] beat Pacquiao. He would have beaten him five years ago even easier.”

“I think he [Mayweather] wins if they fight because it’s a fight he would get up for, and when he fought Maidana he didn’t look good,” said the Brit. His legacy different to mine but then he’s not a fighter like me. He still fought everybody. Fights like [Saul] Alvarez, people thought he might lose and he went out there and did a number on him. “He’s beaten all the top boys. He’s beaten world champions. Picking and choosing, he’s been doing it for years but I’ve got to take my hat off to him because people have said, ‘Oh, he is going to have a hard fight with ‘Canelo’ Oh, he’s going to have a hard fight with him or him and he’s made it look easy. Almost everybody aside from Maidana, he’s made it look easy. He’s been picking all the top boys and he’s been doing it for years. Unbelievable.”

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