POUND-FOR-POUND king, Floyd Mayweather had high praise for American welterweight prospect, and one of his former sparring partners, Errol Spence.

“When I was getting ready for Robert Guerrero, who is a southpaw, the first guy I started looking to spar with was a southpaw and Errol was giving me real good work. He pushed me and made me get in tip top condition, and once I was in tip top condition, I was ready and the best I could be. He’s a hell of a fighter,” Mayweather noted.

“I also want to live up to hype,” Spence said. “I want to look great so I have to stay focused and work hard. That’s the only way that I’m going to get where I want to be and get to the top and get to fighting these known name opponents. I just have to stay focused and just stay dedicated and I’ll definitely be fighting more known opponents, like Robert Guerrero or Keith Thurman or Amir Khan or somebody like that.

“These are the guys that are in the top ten, that are in the top five. These are the guys that are supposed to be there after Floyd retires in September, these are the guys that are going to be supposedly running the division, so these are the guys I’m looking at. I’m nowhere near close to fighting Mayweather, because I haven’t even gotten in the top ten yet. These are the guys that I’m looking at that are in the top ten that are supposedly running the weight class after Floyd’s gone and retired.”