THIS week’s issue of Boxing News magazine features and a special interview with Gabriel Rosado. Here in an exclusive extract Rosado discusses fighting Gennady Golovkin:

“That was a time when Golovkin couldn’t get a fight with anybody but I fought him,” Rosado declares with understandable pride.

“Just to get the fight they even agreed a middle ground of 157lbs but I was like, ‘No way, catchweight is for pussies.’ If I’m going to fight this middleweight that no one else wants to fight then I’m not going to cut any corners and I’m going to fight him at the middleweight limit because I believe in competition so much and I wasn’t going to take an easy way out just because it was offered to me.

“The fight itself was a tough one. He hits hard and he keeps coming and whatever plan you have beforehand that just goes to s**t and you’re left there trading with this guy. On the whole, I think I gave a real good account of myself and he never knocked me down either.”

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