By Fabio Wardley

MY FIGHT against Frazer Clarke was a crazy occasion. When we were put together, I think people thought the fight would be good. I don’t think anyone expected it to turn out like that and to be that great.

I was happy with the level of entertainment it provided. I was happy with the heart I showed, the grit, the dedication, the amount I kept sticking it on him, pressing the action and staying on him. I wasn’t happy with the way I boxed. I didn’t box at all, really. Me, Ben [Davison], Lee Wylie, and the rest of the team put together a good gameplan that in spaces really worked. I was annoyed with myself that I didn’t execute it consistently enough.

He was a little bit sharper than I thought he would be in terms of speed – especially hand speed. And he had a much better gas tank than I thought he would as well. He held out very well through the rounds and I really felt like past [rounds] six or seven he would really drop off, but he didn’t seem to, he just stayed there. I was quite surprised by that as well.

I’ve watched highlights. I was laughing a lot. My face, the blood everywhere, the punches being thrown, I was like [i]I am actually mental[i]. All the way through it I was smiling. I was like [i]I love this[i], but I can tell my family and friends are all worried. They keep asking me, “Are you okay?” I’m perfectly fine. I had the best weekend of my life. I really do love this game.

I’m not sure what punch caused the start of the bleeding. I’ve had residual scarring from my nose for a while now so that’s nothing new. The area is probably soft and weak which is something I’m going to have to have looked at. It’s blood, it was extreme but it’s not like it was my eyes. It was a bit annoying and aggravating but it wasn’t the end of the world.

Sometimes when he punched me it’d get into my eyes, so I’d have to rub my face for a second and then there was a point when it was really streaming. I was trying to breathe out my mouth and when I was breathing in, I was sucking in blood and then I’d spit it out. The best way to put it is that it was a bit inconvenient.

The only thing I’m disappointed in is the way I boxed. Aside from that the entertainment, the way the event went, the atmosphere, the interest in the fight afterwards, the intrigue across the boxing world and even outside it was great. It’s touched lots of people all over. I’m really proud I had a good part in that.

Referee Steve Gray raises the arms of both Fabio Wardley and Frazer Clarke following their British heavyweight title fight at The O2 Arena on March 31, 2024 in London, England (James Chance/Getty Images)

It was a tight fight. To call it either way, neither side would have grumbled too much. I do think I edged it, especially with the knockdown and point deduction. I pushed a lot of the rounds, pushed a lot of the pace, got the more meaningful shots off. Landed the more powerful shots, knocked him down once and had him going three or four times as well. I do really think I won the fight but I’m not the type to cry over it. What is done is done.

I do think a rematch is high on the cards. A lot of people will be asking for it or want it. But as well there’s other options for me, there’s other things I can do. Ultimately, I still retained my belts, I’m still undefeated, there are still other fights out there for me.

Fights like that definitely take their toll. It’s very clearly not good for your health but, ultimately, I made peace with that many years ago before I even put on a pair of gloves. This is not a tickling contest. I’m gonna get hurt, there’s gonna be bruises, there’s gonna be injuries, I’m gonna have to figure it out as I go along. Right now, I’m not concerned with it. At a later date, yeah maybe when I’m bumped and bruised and can’t walk or something, but right now I’m here to enjoy this moment and enjoy boxing while I’m at my peak and do what I can.