ALL 51 years of Donovan Ruddock made a winning return to the ring this past Saturday in his adopted Canada, getting up from a knockdown to halt the huge, 6’7” Raymond Olubowale via fifth-round TKO.

In improving to 39-5-1(30) and having fought for the first time since 2001, “Razor” says he felt great and is now targeting the Canadian heavyweight title.

Here, the man who says he “shocked the world” on March 28th looks back on his comeback and ahead to future bouts:

Q: Congratulations on the win last Saturday, Razor! How did it feel being back in the ring after so long?

Razor Ruddock: “I felt great, I felt great. I can’t wait for the next fight (laughs).”

Q: And do you have any idea yet when, and against who, that may be?

R.R: “We are in negotiations right now, to go for the Canadian title. I will win it back, for the third time.”

Q: You were bouncing around on your toes against Olubowale, did you feel any rust?

R.R: “Let me tell you, I know what it takes to be a fighter, and 90 per cent of the world, they don’t know. If you have no legs, you cannot make it in the ring; the first time you get touched you go down and you cannot come back from it [if you have no legs]. I have spent seven years getting my legs strong, with lots of running. I ran eight miles yesterday. Let me tell you, age is just a number. And let me ask you, was the fight stopped too soon?”

Q: No, I think Olubowale’s legs had gone. I know he complained about the stoppage…

R.R: “If I’d hit him once more, he’d have been carried out on a stretcher. I really believe that.”

Q: He caught you with some right hands in the fourth-round and even though it looked to me as though he had almost bundled you over, you went down. How badly hurt were you?

R.R: “I’ll tell you the truth, I wasn’t hurt. If I was hurt I would tell you. He pushed me down, he leaned on me. He caught me [with some punches] but my legs were not weak at all, otherwise I couldn’t have come back as fast as I did. Come on, for me to have come back and won the fight the way I did, what more do you want? I shocked the world.”

Q: You did indeed come back in the very next round, knocking him down with two hard left uppercuts. You still have power in that punch, no doubt.

R.R: “Oh yeah. But I have a whole arsenal of shots: my smash, my hook, my uppercut, and also my right hand is involved. You know, I could have picked an easier opponent for the fight, as you said, but I’m not trying to con anyone. In boxing, you cannot con anyone. If you can’t do it, you cannot hide that. I believe in my ability, in my training. My body is ready. Tell me, did I look like I’d lost anything in the fight?”

Q: Certainly not any of your punching power, no.

R.R: “I tell you the truth, I had fun. I was very happy with the outcome, with that being my first fight for 14-years. If you look after yourself and you feel confident in your mind, and if you have the strength in your legs – which is the key, it really is – then you can do what you want to do.”

Q: How much do you know about the current Canadian champion?

R.R: “The current champion is “Big Country,” Dillon Carman (8-2 with 7 KO’s). I know him pretty well. I sparred him back in 2010. But right now I don’t want to start anything, I don’t want to start talking and get myself in trouble (laughs). I don’t want to stop anyone from wanting to get in the ring with me. But I will be better the next time, in the next fight. I’ll continue doing my running. As I said, I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t believe I could make it all the way back. I’m not trying to con anyone.”