KELL BROOK is back in the Ingle Gym and ticking over ahead of an announcement over his future.

It is likely the former welterweight champion will confirm a move to super-welterweight but he says he wants fights that will give him “a buzz.”

kell brookLONG ROAD BACK:The future of Brook remains uncertain

He also said that if he was to fight just one more time, the man he would like in the opposite corner is domestic rival and I’m a Celebrity star Amir Khan.

The 31-year-old, however, remains uncertain whether the long-awaited monster British showdown will ever take place.

“I could see it happening,” Brook told Boxing News. “It’s a big fight for it not to happen, but then I could also see it not happening.”

His doubts over it being staged will be matched by a British boxing public that has seen them stay away from one another, opting instead to take on contests in other weight classes rather than meet at a 147lbs, which would have suited them both.

When asked why it has not happened, Brook is at a loss.

“I really don’t know,” he explained. “I don’t know if it’s politics, or if he doesn’t want to lose to a Brit. Because losing to an American, like Canelo [Alvarez] or [Danny] Garcia or anyone else, you say you lost to an elite. When you lose domestically there’s a lot more weight on your shoulders, believe me. To lose domestically can affect your pride a lot more. There’s a lot more that you leave at the table, the stakes are higher and the pressure is greater.”

kell brook
LAST ACTION: Khan hasn’t been seen in the ring since losing to Alvarez last year

Kell says they have been close to agreeing terms but it will always remain a pipedream until they are in the ring and swapping punches.

“I’ve not signed any paper [to ever fight Khan] but until you’re opposite him, facing him in the ring, that’s the only time you know it’s really on. You’ve seen it over the years where it’s been talked about and it doesn’t end up happening. Until you’re opposite him in the corner, you know it’s happening then and there. We have come close, it has been close to that level, but we’ve not got it on, have we?”

But Brook will not wait for the divisive jungle star. Having lost his last two, to Gennady Golovkin and Errol Spence, Brook says the “burning desire” to come back and prove the doubters wrong is powerful.

“My goals are to be in huge fights,” he added. “I’ve got a lot to give the sport still, and [I want] world titles. I want to be seen as one of the best in the game. I want to excite the fans, myself and be involved in great fights.”