Tyson Fury… on the agreement to challenge Wladimir Klitschko

WE came to an agreement for me to challenge Wladimir Klitschko for his world heavyweight titles about one minute before the WBA’s purse bids were due, the first time ever it had ever been left so long. The Klitschkos want everything their own way or no way but my promoter Mick Hennessy had £8m and we were willing to go to bids. I got everything I wanted apart from it being in the UK, the money side is fine. I didn’t ask for gloves or entrances whatsoever. If it makes more financial sense to fight in Germany, he obviously wants to go where he has boxed his whole life, but it won’t change the outcome.

Tyson Fury on… his training base for this fight

I’m not bothered if I train on the moon, in space or whatever. I live a good life outside of boxing, I put a lot of weight on outside of boxing, I balloon up. I come back to camp with 22st of pure blubber but I don’t have a weight to make. I have just lost over 2st in two weeks, and I once lost 7st in eight weeks. I’ve got four months between now and the fight, and I’ll be training pretty much non-stop until then.

Tyson Fury on… who will show the bout in the UK

I’d like the UK broadcaster to be the biggest platform that will make the most money for me. I’m a prizefighter after all. I’m not interested in fame but I also know that being a multi-millionaire wouldn’t make me happy as having a lot of money now doesn’t make me happy. BoxNation had from when I beat Chisora in our February rematch to just recently to make this fight but they didn’t make the fight and there’s a lot of big players out there. If this ends up on free, national television, we could go back to the days of 18, 19m, 20m viewers. They were talking an 80-20 split on the purse bid but I’d have taken it for free because I know I’ll take his title and make my money then.