How did it feel boxing on HBO for the first time?

Fighting on HBO, at Madison Square Garden, was a really remarkable experience for me. I was very happy with the opportunity and I would love to be back [on HBO] before the end of the year. He [Najera] was very tough, he just kept coming and coming. I know I will face tougher and tougher opposition from here on in. I look forward to it. I would say I was pretty happy with my performance in the fight, especially considering my hand injury. I would probably give myself either a C-plus or maybe a B-minus. I know there are still a couple of areas where I have to improve. Being patient [in a fight] is very important.
Who are your boxing heroes?
My two boxing heroes, without question are Felix Trinidad and Juan Manuel Marquez. “Tito” Trinidad was just great and it’s an honour to be compared to him. He had so many great fights; big fights.
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