BRITISH fans are quite familiar with 32 year old Dominic Breazeale of California, thanks to his game effort against Anthony Joshua in an IBF title challenge last June. “Trouble” has also mixed it with a couple of dangerous heavies – Amir Mansour and, last time out, Izuagbe Ugonoh, both of which the 6’7” contender stopped – and he is now one win way from a shot at WBC heavyweight boss Deontay Wilder.

In his own words, Breazeale, 18-1(16) wants a “piece of Wilder,” and if he can come through his November 4 eliminator against fellow AJ victim Eric Molina, 26-4(19), he may get his wish.

Here Breazeale, already having his game face on, speaks exclusively with Boxing News:

Q: How dangerous is the Eric Molina fight?

Dominic Breazeale: “Very dangerous. He’s an experienced guy, having been in there with Joshua and Wilder. He’s operated at the top level. He is a big puncher, like myself, and with this fight being a WBC final eliminator, that’s added incentive for him – he has that potential return shot at Wilder in the back of his mind. Molina will bring it, as I will myself.”

Q: That potential shot at Wilder must give you extra motivation ahead of this fight also?

D.B: “Yes, I definitely have some personal business outside of the ring with Wilder. But I’m a gentleman and I’ll wait until we get in the ring to settle it. But yes, this is definitely my motivation, to get a piece of him!”

Q: What happened back in February when you and Wilder fought on the same card, was there an altercation between the two of you after your fight with Ugonoh?

D.B: “There was an altercation in Alabama, yes. I was in the hotel lobby [after my fight] minding my own business, I was with my wife and kids, and Wilder came in and, as he does, tried to take over the place. He tried to confront me – he wanted to fight right there and then – and he pretty much saw to it that things escalated and got out of hand. His people started pushing and shoving, not only me but also my wife and kids, and punches were thrown. I want so much to make him pay for the mental trauma he caused my family and friends. As I say, I so much want a piece of him in the ring.”

Q: Just briefly, you were offered a fight with Dillian Whyte. What happened?

D.B: “They were, I think, more or less wasting my time. We did agree to fight, but when the [financial] offer came, it was nowhere near what I thought, or hoped it would be – nowhere near. In the future, maybe we will fight, but for a short notice fight, the offer was way too low; not even in the ball park.”

Q: Against Molina do you need a KO, so as to really make a statement?

D.B: “A win is a win, but yes, I want to make an impression. I always try to put on exciting fights and be as impressive as possible. I want to get rid of him as early as I can and I’ll be putting it on him in a big way in the first, second and third rounds – he’ll really get a run for his money. I see my combinations getting him out.”

Q: How do you see the Wilder-Bermane Stiverne rematch going in the main event?

D.B: “All heavyweights can punch, it only takes one punch to change everything. But Deontay Wilder has basically written the book on how to punch and run at the same time. I don’t think he has what it takes to knock out Stiverne; even if he [Stiverne] has been out of the ring for so long. I think we’ll get a repeat of the first fight. Nobody wants a snorefest, not at heavyweight, but this is exactly what we are going to get.”

Dominic Breazeale

Q: Do you want a rematch with Anthony Joshua?

D.B: “He’s really impressed me. The thing is, I can’t wait to get another chance at him. I know I have a lot more to offer. I know Joshua comes to fight, the same as me, and I want a rematch. I know I can do more. He is the only guy I’ve ever had trouble with in the ring; he’s the only guy to have beaten me. I want to fight him again.

“Myself, I deserve another title shot more so than Molina, because I have a better record, against better opposition and I have more of a chance of beating Wilder or Joshua [than Molina has]. And the fans, they are talking about me because they know they will get the excitement the heavyweight division needs when I fight. It will be a much better show with me in there with Wilder or Joshua than it would be with Molina. He’s in my way right now.”