THE 80-page Christmas bumper edition of Boxing News magazine is out now, with special features from Tyson Fury, Eddie Hearn, Frank Warren and many more in the boxing world. Here is an extract from an exclusive interview with Deontay Wilder. Read on:

Eddie Hearn has also claimed in recent interviews that Deontay Wilder had priced himself out of a fight with Anthony Joshua. To this, Wilder responded: “That’s just something Eddie Hearn has to say. Because he really. Does. Not. Want. This. Fight. But he done said too much. So the next thing to do, strategy-wise, is to put it [on] the purses.

“We’re both putting our lives on the line. We’re risking everything for people’s entertainment. Give the people what they want, and let’s make this fight happen. He’s a fighter, I’m a fighter, and that’s all that matters. Let’s see who’s the best. If they don’t want to go by that, if they don’t want to fight, then so be it. But at the end of the day, I’m still gonna be talking. I’m still gonna say I’m the best until I’m proven wrong.”

Wilder is confident that, when the dust settles, it will be his arm raised as the best in the heavyweight division: “I think I’m the better fighter. Period. I don’t think he’s gonna survive in that ring with me. And I tell people, don’t be surprised if I knock him out in the first round.

“If I’m talking a lot of rubbish, as they say, then hey, let’s find out.”

Deontay Wilder

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