FORMER world champion David Lemieux is determined to win back his old title and insists a rematch with Gennady Golovkin would go very differently.

Golovkin halted Lemieux to unify the IBF and WBA middleweight titles in 2015. But speaking exclusively to Boxing News, David explained that he has developed thanks that experience and has improved as a fighter. “I learned what it takes to beat a guy like that. Definitely a great fighter, GGG, definitely a guy I’m looking forward to facing again in the near future with obviously a different outcome. GGG has got a lot of talent and I expected him to box the way he did. But no excuses, I’ve made adjustments over the years and over the months and everything. We made the adjustments we need  to get back in the world championship way, to get back where we need to get to to beat the top guys.”

He is confident that he would win a rematch. “Absolutely I believe in my abilities, I believe in my powers so I’m not worried about what I got to bring to the table,” he said.

Lemieux with be boxing on the undercard of Saul Alvarez’s clash with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in Las Vegas and also has his eye on a showdown with Canelo himself. “Definitely, definitely. Step by step, I don’t want to jump any fighters but he’s definitely a guy I’m looking forward to. We’ll see the result after this fight and the fans will demand this fight. The fans will demand it,” he said.

But he warned Canelo that Chavez “is going to be a very interesting fight. Chavez is a big boy, he’s definitely big but Canelo’s a great fighter so it’s going to be an interesting outcome”.

The one middleweight world title outside of Golovkin’s clutches, the WBO belt is held by the UK’s Billy Joe Saunders, another man in Lemieux’s sights. “Of course, he has a title, he’s definitely a guy I would love to face,” he said. “I never underestimate any opponent, he’s a world champion and there’s a reason why he’s a world champion. It would be a good fight, it would be interesting.”