How have you been since the Deontay Wilder fight?

I’ve been good. I feel good. I’m ready to go again. I would have done a couple of things different but it what it is. You learn from your mistakes. I’m going to start afresh. I feel good right now and we’re getting ready for some time in June or July. [Opponent] to be announced.

What did you think of Wladimir Klitschko’s last fight?

He didn’t look that great not because he’s getting older but because of Bryant [Jennings]. It’s not because Klitschko doesn’t have it any more. Bryant came out with something that Klitschko was not expecting.

Is your target a rematch with Wilder?

I think anybody’s my target. Like I said, I will get the [WBC] title back. There’s some way that we’re going to go about it. Then all I have to do is follow the direction, the instructions.

Did things go wrong in your training camp preparing for that world title defence?

Everything was good. At some point before the weigh-in I was using a sauna, a steam room. I shouldn’t have used it. That made me feel really tired. I got dehydrated. Before I went out the changing room I was telling my trainer I don’t feel good. That was a lesson. I still had to give the fans what signed for.

How tough was going 12 rounds?

It wasn’t tough. I just didn’t feel comfortable. I couldn’t sweat. I felt stiff and very relaxed, too relaxed. You live and you learn.

Why did you decide to use a sauna?

I had this thing about me. I like to be a certain weight when I fight. I just decided to lose a couple of pounds.

Did Wilder surprise you with anything?

Nothing. Nothing. As far as I’m concerned I made him look because of my condition. I was surprised about his power. Because his power’s nothing like people think it is. It’s not even close to being a power that nobody can handle. To me he doesn’t have any power.

I beat my own self.