LIGHT-HEAVYWEIGHT top prospect Ben Whittaker has told Boxing News that he and trainer Sugar Hill Steward have amicably parted ways.

Whittaker, who made the step into the professional code with Steward in his corner has made a perfect start to his career with six fights and six wins. The 26-year-old 2020 Olympic silver medallist is back in action on Sunday, March 31 against Central Area light-heavyweight champion Leon Willings, 7-1 (2 KOs).

Speaking to BN Whittaker explained the thinking behind his parting of ways with Steward who also trains WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

“We still stay in touch and talk but he’s been back and forth with Tyson [Fury]. He’s been to Detroit, been here there and everywhere and for me I didn’t want to keep travelling around.

“I need to learn; I need to focus on my own career so what I’ve been doing is based in the UK and I’ve been paying for sparring partners to come over. Cut everything off really and just focused on my boxing. Going back and forth everywhere and travelling with him and Tyson is not working right now. Something to think about. But we still talk.”

Joby Clayton, a member of Whittaker’s team, will be in the corner for the Willings bout. Whittaker, however, may not make a new trainer appointment right away telling BN that he will be visiting different gyms. Trips that could lead to him finding the right man or woman for the job.

“I’m a person that always wants to learn,” Whittaker said.

“I know I’m not the finished article. I know there’s so much more I can learn, so much more I can gain, just ‘neating’ up on things and that’s what we want to bring in. Joby sees things from his angle, but it’d be good to maybe get new fresh eyes from a different angle and maybe that’s what we’ll do after this fight. Go gym to gym and just see what happens.”

Watch more of Rob Tebbutt’s interview with Ben Whittaker by clicking on the video below.