LAST week Chris Eubank Sr threatened that his son, Chris Eubank, would “wreck” Andre Ward.

Ward, the dominant champion at super-middleweight, recently beat Sergey Kovalev for the IBF, WBA and WBO light-heavyweight world titles. Eubank Jr is about to fight Renold Quinlan in his first contest at super-middleweight.

The American was not riled by Eubank Sr’s suggestion. Speaking to Boxing News, Ward said, “You’ve got to crawl before you can run. You can’t come out the crib running, you’ve got to crawl before you run and him being a former fighter and a former champion, he knows that, he knows that all too well. I’ve seen a lot of overly zealous fathers get their sons knocked out and get them in bad situations throughout the course of my career. The zealousness is cool, make sure it’s not too much, too soon.”

He continued, “It sounds good. It sounds good. I mean, I understand how the game works. This is the first time they’ve ever brought my name up, the week of this fight. They’re trying to drum up this fight, get the people excited. They’re calling out some big names, they’re trying to sell some more pay-per-views, get some more people on the seats. I understand.

“We have an understanding. When I was younger, that stuff used to rile me up and I’d want to respond. You want to prove yourself and any time anybody says anything, it can strike a nerve. I’ve been in the game so long I just laugh at the kind of stuff.”