AMIR KHAN impressed observers in Las Vegas last night, so much so that some began to question whether a 37-year-old Floyd Mayweather would actually still entertain a fight with him.

“We don’t want to be scaring him because I want the Mayweather fight,” Khan joked today, with his tongue in his cheek. “Look, I’m getting better as a fighter so maybe he sees that but I want the best fighters in the world.

“Imagine if he doesn’t fight me and he doesn’t fight [Manny] Pacquiao. If he fights Pacquaio then yes, it’s the fight everyone wants to see. He can get away with that. But if he doesn’t fight Pacquiao and then avoids me then I think that says something. But I think it’s much easier to make the fight with me and Mayweather because we’re both with the same team, we’re both with Al Haymon and the Mayweather fight’s got so much hype. This fight with Mayweather could be massive. Let’s see.”

Khan is now a promotional free agent and his multi-fight deal with Showtime has concluded.

He is looking for a big 2015, and Golden Boy and Showtime will want to retain his services.

“Look, I tell you one thing, Golden Boy have been so good to me so I’m happy with my team,” he added. “Even though the contracts have to be redone again, but all that side of things I leave to my team. Showtime bring Mayweather to the table, I have a great relationship with them and Stephen Espinoza is a great friend of mine. If it’s not Mayweather, Golden Boy might offer me the Pacquiao fight. I’m in the position where I think I’m a major force at 147 and people want to see me fight.”

Of course, in the UK a Kell Brook fight would be huge. Brook is the IBF champion and Khan said the fight will happen, he just doesn’t know when.

“Definitely, for sure,” he insisted. “But like I said, at the moment I want to fight Mayweather and the reason for that is because the Brook fight will always be there. It’s not like it’s going away. It’s always going to be there. Look at the [Mayweather-]Pacquiao fight. It’s been there for five years. “People are just talking about me and Brook now, since he won a world title. That fight’s always going to be there. Brook doesn’t have to worry about that, that fight will happen.”

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