ALTHOUGH they’re set to settle their differences in the ring on Saturday night, Dillian Whyte has challenged Anthony Joshua to a street fight after their scheduled British and Commonwealth title contest.

The pair met as novice amateurs, with Whyte prevailing on points, though it later emerged he had significant experience as a kickboxer beforehand, resulting in a ban from amateur boxing for the Brixton fighter.

They have both traded barbs in the build-up to their fight at the O2 Arena with Whyte feeling the need to meet Joshua outside of the ring as well as in it.

He made a mistake making this fight. I’m not old, I’ve got ambition. I’m undefeated,” he said.

“I beat everyone I’ve ever fought, amateur and professional. I believe I’m a heavyweight world champion in the making and this is just the start of it. I listen to what my coach says and I do what I do naturally, which is fight.

“I’m gonna find you, then we’ll have a street fight. December 12 isn’t the end. You make it out like you’re a nice guy, you’re scum.

“I know that I have the right base, his base is weak. If you watch his fights, even when Matt Skelton took it to him he shied away. He doesn’t want to get into the trenches.”

Whyte also revealed part of the reason for his disdain for the Olympic champion, besides the fact he thinks he is ‘fake’.

He said: “We were in camp with Wladimir. I was a little bit aggressive towards him and then it got calmed down and we got told to behave ourselves so we sorted it. He must have taken my kindness for weakness because he came back and said all those things about me.”