Martin Murray (Golovkin opponent)

I thought Canelo won it and I agreed with the result. Despite the fact he’s failed tests and he’s a drugs cheat as everybody knows, and I wanted Golovkin to win, but I watched it with no commentary on, me and my 10 year old lad, and we both scored it differently, but had Canelo up a round. I had it 11-6-115 Canelo, my lad had it 114-113, but we both thought he won. I thought Canelo did what he needed to do which was hold the centre of the ring and push him back. I’ve always said that’s how you beat Golovkin and I didn’t think there was a middleweight strong enough to do it but Canelo showed that’s how you beat him. It was close and it was one of them where it wasn’t a robbery and everybody scores it differently. I know there was a lot of people that had it to Golovkin I wouldn’t have moaned at it or disagreed, and I would’ve been happy for him as I thought he deserved it the first time, but I went off my own scorecard and I gave it to Canelo by a round, I just thought he did enough.

Scored to: Canelo

Liam Smith (Canelo opponent)

I can’t argue with the decision. When I first watched it I gave it Golovkin by one round, but in that sense if one judge disagrees with me in one round then it goes to Canelo by one round, so I can’t really argue with the decision. It was too close a fight every round was close, I thought Golovkin won the first one clearly, this one I can’t argue with. Canelo started well again and I thought he fought a better fight this time by standing his ground, but I thought Golovkin’s jab and cleaner shots towards the end of the fight maybe nicked it for him. I gave one round even so I had Golovkin by one round. If they fought 10 fights, 10 fights would be like that, a toss up of who wins.

Scored to: Golovkin

Andy Clarke (commentator)

I gave it 113-115 Golovkin. I thought he was the fighter coming forward and I thought he landed as much as Alvarez did and for that reason there were some close rounds that I gave Triple-G’s way. Although they may have landed equally I would give Golovkin the round as he was the one making the fight. I have no qualms with the decision, I thought it was a really, really close fight. If I watched it a second time, which I haven’t, but if I did I may get a different result, it’s one of those. I don’t want to see a rematch, I think there probably will be because it’s a huge fight and it’s 1-0 to Alvarez with one draw, but I don’t want to see one as I don’t think Golovkin has another one like that in him. He’ll definitely want a third because he’ll feel he won the first two and he’ll desperately want the win but at the age he is now I don’t think he has another titanic effort like that again in him. I think Alvarez would win a third fight maybe quite comfortably.

Scored to: Golovkin

Declan Taylor (boxing journalist)

I gave it to Golovkin 7-5 so in that sense I didn’t agree with the decision, but I don’t think it was a robbery or a scream-up really. I think a draw or 7-5 either way is kind of acceptable, when it’s so close to split them, so it’s easy to see why the judges saw it like that. Although what I would say is in the two bouts only one of the six cards has given Golovkin the decision which is mad really when you look at the story of the whole rivalry, that he’s only got one decision on six cards, that’s got to be incorrect. I don’t think its corrupt or anything like that I just think that’s how the cookie’s crumbled for poor old Golovkin. I’d love to see the rematch but I’ve got this funny feeling we won’t see it, or if we do it’s delayed. Canelo and Golden Boy now hold all the chips and because he’s such a big draw he can make money against just about everyone at middleweight. Part of you think because he’s won that bout against Golovkin why would he want to go back there, he’s clearly a murderous puncher, close fight, and there’s only so long he could go on getting close decisions against him.

Scored to: Golovkin

Joe Gallagher (top trainer)

I thought it was a very good fight, a very tough fight but I thought everyone was overlooking the good straight arrow work that ‘Triple G’ did, the good jabs and right hands. Fair play to Canelo when he did throw they were impressive but if you see the judges’ scorecards you’ll see how tight it was and you can argue there were a few rounds that could have gone either way. I don’t think that there can be a big debate really, it was too close a call and scoring is always subjective, are you looking for the boxer or are you looking for the pressure fighter? It was another example of it. I think when you see boxers competing at that calibre you want to see it all the time, it’s a great advert for the sport, we all enjoyed it and I haven’t seen anyone say it was a bad fight and I think the third fight would be even better again.

Scored to: Golovkin  

Canelo Alvarez

Matt Macklin (Golovkin opponent)

I thought it was so close, couldn’t argue either way. A draw or 115-113 either way, and there can be no arguments. I had it 115-114 GGG. I scored it round by round and I had it six rounds to GGG, and five to Canelo and one even. There were two rounds where I went with GGG which I wouldn’t argue if someone went Canelo way. In those rounds I swayed Golovkin’s way because of the more hard jabs he landed. I think Canelo standing his ground was wise tactics, he didn’t allow GGG to bully him or to boss the fight from the centre of the ring. I think they will rematch and I’d like to see it, although it’s a shame for GGG as I think he’s only getting older.

Scored to: Golovkin