AFTER being halted in eight rounds at Madison Square Garden in New York on Saturday (October 17), David Lemieux still believes he will cross paths with Gennady Golovkin again.

The Kazakh systematically broke Lemieux down but after the fight the Canadian said, “For sure I’ll be seeing him in the near future again, somewhere down the line. I feel the fight was stopped a bit too early. But he’s a good champion, a lot of respect to him.”

Golovkin’s performance was near flawless, except for lining up a vicious punch when Lemieux was already on the canvas. David didn’t pass judgement afterwards, merely commenting, “There was a little body shot, I took a knee and then I got hit on the head.”

“I know I could have done a lot more in the fight,” Lemieux continued. “He had a great jab. He’s a very good fighter. His jab was very effective tonight. Hats off to him, he did a good job tonight.”