DAVID LEMIEUX and Gary “Spike” O’Sullivan have promised destruction in their undercard bout on the Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin September 15 show in Las Vegas.

Both have lost to reigning WBO middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders. “Prior to that I thought he was better than that. I didn’t know a great deal about him and the more I look into him, all the fights, I’ve watched a lot of his fight, and I’m not surprised Billy Joe could beat him like that. I didn’t think it was going to be as easy as that, as it was for Saunders,” Ireland’s O’Sullivan said. “There’s no doubt about that, I’m going to steal the show in spectacular fashion and I’m going to absolutely obliterate Lemieux.”

The Canadian responded, “I’m going to beat your ass. It’s not going to be no walk in the park. Don’t think it’s going to be an easy fight. I’m not coming here to lose. I’m going to come here to destroy you. You’ll see. You’ll see September 15. Keep training hard at the gym. You’re going to need it. You’re going to need every round, you’re going to need it, trust me.

“I’m not really worried. I’m the hardest puncher in the ring on September 15, so I’m very confident in my abilities and everything I’m going to bring. I’m going to be in great shape. I’m concerned about absolutely nothing. All the skeptics, you know, that say, oh, is Lemieux going to come back. Well, I’m going to show you all on September 15: Lemieux is going to come back and Lemieux is going to do a lot of damage in the middleweight division.”

Lemieux insists that he lost so tamely to Saunders because he was struggling with an injury. “Going back to the last few years, I’ve been working against a lot of injuries that has not been fixed and it’s been put in the past. I’m in tremendous shape and feeling great. I can use both my hands. I can use everything. I can use all my tools,” he said.

David Lemieux

O’Sullivan scoffed, “I think it’s just an excuse. You look at David, doesn’t look like a guy that trains like I do, doesn’t train like he’s an athlete, gets tired in a lot of his fights, doesn’t look like a guy that trains as hard as I do. I don’t think he’s going to win this fight.”

He continued, “It’s nothing personal. I wish you good health with your family after the fight, man. It’s nothing personal. You’re just on my road and I got to get you out of my road to get to the bigger fight. As I say, I wish you health in the future man and I wish you a happy time with your family. I’m sorry but you’re in my way and I’m just going to have to beat you.”

Lemieux also believes that victory would lead him to the Canelo-Golovkin victor. He said, “I’m going to fight Canelo first and then I’m going to get my revenge versus GGG – after Gary O’Sullivan.”

Spike countered, “I believe obviously the momentum is with me. I’m a pressure fighter. I believe David’s time has come and gone. He’s had his time in the past and he’s had a few heavy losses. He’s got a number of beatings and so I think the ball is certainly in my court.”