DAVID HAYE has declared that he only has five fights left in his boxing career. After announcing Friday that his promotional company, Hayemaker would join forces with Richard Schaefer’s new Ringstar outfit, Haye sees a future for himself as a promoter.

“Realistically I’d say five fights in my mind is all I need to prove what I need to prove,” Haye said.

Though he does expect those remaining fights to encompass taking on the biggest names in the business. “Look at the champions, you’ve got Anthony Joshua, he’s probably the first target as he’s the guy who’s got all this momentum behind him. There’s rumbling’s over Tyson Fury making a comeback,” Haye said. “If he comes back I’m sure that he’ll want a big payday as he hasn’t had one yet. So I’m not sure what his situation is yet, so I’m pretty sure if he makes a comeback if it’s not myself, it’ll be Anthony Joshua.

“Between the three of us there’s some big fights out there. All of us big characters, all of us pretty much household names so it’s a given [so] either way you put us three together you’re going to get box office smash.”

Haye’s next fight is on Sky Sports Box Office against Tony Bellew on March 4 but Hayemaker-Ringstar expects to announce its own TV deal in future. “We’re talking to a few [television channels]. Obviously everybody’s very, very interested,” Haye said. “Exciting times ahead, it’s going to be a long time partnership with a broadcaster.”

There was no hint of which channel it might be, though it’s expected to be one that’s already involed in boxing. “My fights are big news so if any channel wants to make their mark on boxing, there’s one very easy way to start that,” Haye said.