In theory AJ Carter will be your first 10 rounder. How do you feel about potentially having to go that far?

No nerves at all. It’s professional boxing and if that’s the contracted limit for the fight then so be it. I’ll have to go that distance.

Do you think you’ll overpower him?

Potentially. I definitely could.

How significant would winning the Southern Area title in five fights be to you?

I’ve just won the WBC Youth title and winning the Southern Area title, that would be another trophy on wall, it’s what I want to do. Win every title as they come.

Ideally would the British title be next?

Yes, that’s not impossible. Everything’s potential, you never know. This is boxing.

Are you enjoying life as a professional boxer?

I’m enjoying it. I stay in the gym. I stay dedicated. I enjoy it. I enjoy every bit of it. I wouldn’t want to do anything else.

It’s better [than the amateurs] because I get to stay closer to my family at home. I don’t go off track, they keep me focused. It’s definitely a good thing. I’m a home person. I love being at home.

It gives a few challenges but I’m prepared for all of them. It gives a few more tests than the amateurs. More exposure. But that’s what a fighter needs, what an up and coming fighter who’s going to do big things in the sport needs.

Say everything goes according to your plan, you beat AJ Carter, you beat the winner of Gary Cornish and Sam Sexton for the British title, looking beyond that next year are there guys on the British scene who would be good opponents for you?

Right now I’m just focusing on AJ. Whoever comes next, whoever my team, my manager, my promoter, they pick for me next, I’ll fight.

Daniel Dubois

You’ve sparred Hughie Fury, what do you think of his fight with Joseph Parker for the WBO title?

It looks like a 50-50 fight to me. The guy who wants it the most will win. They both carry their own advantages into the ring. Hughie with his speed and foot movement and Parker, he seems to be a strong guy and fights strong. We’ll see. It should be a good fight.

If you had to pick a winner?

I couldn’t. It’s whoever wants it the most.

What was your sparring like with Hughie?

It was good, he’s quick, he’s fast, he’s very agile round the ring for a heavyweight. Taught me a lot. It’s good experience for me.