IF you’re tiring of hearing Manny Pacquiao’s name constantly linked to Floyd Mayweather’s, Chris Algieri could consign the dreamed of mega-fight solely to our imaginations. All he has to do is overturn Pacquiao , the WBO welterweight champion, when they fight at the Venetian resort in Macau on Saturday (November 22).

“It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve ruined the plans or upset the applecart,” Algieri maintained. “I have no problem with that. At the same time I don’t think that [Mayweather-Pacquiao] is the best fight out there. People have been stuck on that fight for years. That’s the only reason it’s still being talked about, it’s because it never happened. It’s really not the best fight, it’s not the best match up. It’s not the fight that boxing really needs.”

Pacquiao does have a rematch clause, in case the New Yorker scores an upset. “I’m not sure what the landscape of the sport will be after this. I want the biggest fights but at the same time I’m a boxing purist and I would like to defend my title and unify a weight division. But we’ll see what happens after the fight,” Chris told Boxing News.

“There are so many good guys out there. There’s a huge mix of different fighters. You’ve got the Tim Bradleys and Amir Khans and even Devon Alexander and those kind of guys, they’ve been around. Then you’ve got new guys coming up like myself and Keith Thurman. There’s always Maidana, who’s been around for a while too. Victor Ortiz is never too far off. There’s a bunch of different guys that are coming in and out.

“We’re the best in the world.”

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