CONOR McGREGOR is continuing to stoke the flames over a potential boxing match with Floyd Mayweather by vowing to ‘break his face’ earlier today.

The UFC star recently obtained a professional boxing licence in California, sparking yet more speculation that he will fight Mayweather.

Floyd retired from boxing in 2015 but he and the Irishman continue to trade barbs in the media.

So far that seems to be the extent of progress over the fight as neither side have revealed any solid negotiations taking place. A fight between the two marketing geniuses would generate an enormous amount of money, despite the fact it would pit a relative novice against one of the finest boxers of this generation.

McGregor holds a UFC title – he was recently stripped of another he also held, a decision he still disputes – and his contract with the organisation is a rather large hurdle in the way of any boxing career he may or may not want to pursue.

Conor’s success in the UFC, coupled with his unparalleled talent in self-promotion, has turned him into a superstar during the time Mayweather has been out of the ring.

Mayweather insists he is happily retired but has previously spoken about gargantuan offers extended to him to return to the ring and attempt to extend his record to 50-0.