LAST week saw the four-day Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor world tour.

Social media went mental; I can’t remember boxing fans ever hating a fight or an event this much since I started boxing in 1996.

It baffles me, I’ve been involved with boxing as much if not more than anyone in the last 22 years and I absolutely love this fight with no hate towards it whatsoever!

I don’t understand all the negative vibes towards it. People need to realise this is great for boxing. The sporting world and media are discussing boxing.

We have for me one of the top five greatest boxers of all in Floyd Mayweather fighting one of the top three greatest MMA fighters of all time in a boxing match.

Conor is known as the best striker (boxer) in the UFC, and he is fighting our pound-for-pound king, what is there to hate about that? Why is this bad for our sport? I don’t get.

The worst thing about this fight is the timing… Now a real 50-50 fight between two of the best, Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, has been put aside in the media, which is a shame as this fight has the potential to be the greatest of the decade. Hopefully it gets the attention it deserves after August 26.

I did a poll on twitter to see which fight people would rather watch: Conor v Floyd or GGG v Canelo … HERE are the [perhaps surprising] results.

Honestly, if I had to choose and could only choose one of these fights to watch, I am 100% watching Conor v Floyd. I said this on twitter and got a bit of hate for it. I think this fight, show, event, whatever you want to call it, is a once in a life time boxing match, why would I want to miss it?

I keep getting asked about when Conor came to my gym Box ‘N Burn, and sparred Chris Van Heerden, and how it went when the camera wasn’t on. I think just about everyone has seen the footage of that spar now, and Conor has trained in my gym Box ‘N Burn a few times now too. I’ve seen him box closely, and really think he’s way more skilled than people think, I talk about this on my latest podcast (Box ‘N Life).

Conor McGregor

I  get into detail about what I think Conor’s game plan needs to be, the four day build-up and my fight prediction, and not many people think the same as me on this.

Click HERE to listen to the latest episode.

Conor McGregor