UFC star Conor McGregor won’t rule out a rematch with Floyd Mayweather, even though the American boxer has given no indication that he intends to come out of retirement and return to the sport.

“I’m motivated by the support of people and I’m also motivated by the doubt,” Conor said.

In August Mayweather took on McGregor in an unlikely cross code blockbuster, ultimately halting the Irishman in round 10 after stepping up his offence in the ninth. Mayweather’s lacklustre start meant McGregor managed to last more rounds than many expected.

Conor however maintains that referee Robert Byrd should not have stopped him when he did.

“How the f*** can you stop a fight when there were no knockdowns and nothing previous?” McGregor railed at a Q&A event in Glasgow. “I hurt him to the body the round before. How the f*** round 10 they stopped it?

“You’ve got to let these fights go on.”

Conor McGregor

McGregor still had plenty of ire reserved for Paulie Malignaggi, the retired former world champion boxer, whose sparring sessions with McGregor ended abruptly and acrimoniously leading to a spat across social media ahead of the Mayweather contest.

McGregor said he would fight Malignaggi, but Paulie would have to come across to mixed martial arts. “Bring your balls and fight in a real fight,” McGregor declared.