CHRIS EUBANK JNR can beat any fighter in the world from middleweight to light-heavyweight is the latest striking claim to be made by his father, Chris Eubank Snr (or as he now likes to be called, Controversy). Junior is set to rise from 160lbs to challenge Renold Quinlan for the lightly-regarded IBO super-middleweight title on the new ITV pay-per-view platform on February 4.

The rise in weight, the IBO title, and the price tag attached to this contest have led many fans to criticise the event, but Eubank – in a typically extraordinary interview – insists this is all part of the plan.


“Before anything is accepted, embraced, it has to go through a period of critique,” Eubank said in response to the criticism surrounding the contest.

“[It was] no different to me and my career, I was never really accepted, I was always deemed to be a pretender until I proved my worth in particular contests. So criticism is a part of life, of being accepted, you have to go through that period of being criticised, and fight your way through it.”


Eubank promised his son will deliver value for money, but implored anyone who felt the show was not worthy of the platform simply not to buy.

“For the last 10 years he has been working on this art, this craft, this boxing combat. His skillset is such, that it should be on pay-per-view.

“I believe the public will pay for it, but they’ll do it [only] once if he’s not the proper deal as we know him to be. Chris Eubank Jnr is a built fighter and he has been built by another fighter. He hasn’t been built by a promoter, or a manager, he’s been built by a fighter. And my standards are extreme, even inhumane, because to us – to Dad – to this peculiar man in me, who won the world championship and defended it 18 times, it’s a way of life for me. He is my son, he has been looking, and that has impregnated his subconscious. He will be looking to deliver, and you, the public, will be highly entertained.

“You shouldn’t have any problem with paying for it. And if you do then don’t [pay for it]. But if you want to see the best, if you want to see purity in boxing, Chris Eubank Jnr is it.