CHRIS EUBANK JR hopes he can see Nick Blackwell this weekend for the first time since their fateful meeting on March 26.

Eubank stopped Blackwell in 10 rounds at Wembley Arena, but the Trowbridge warrior collapsed after the contest and was taken to hospital, where he was put into an induced coma.

Now on the road to recovery, Blackwell is reportedly attending David Haye’s fight with Arnold Gjergjaj at the O2 Arena on Saturday [May 21] and Eubank also plans to attend.

“Hopefully I’ll see him, I can’t do much more than I have. I’ve reached out and asked if we can meet face to face and talk,” he told Boxing News.

“I did have a gift for him, the timing’s not really right anymore, it wouldn’t make much sense now but still, it would be great to see him, shake hands, give him a hug and say ‘great fight’.  Hopefully I’ll see him at the David Haye fight, I heard he was going to be there.”

Haye will donate 10% of the ticket sales from his fight to Blackwell, who has retired from boxing due to what happened. Nick is also set to do some commentary work with Dave, who will broadcast the fight.

Since their meeting, Eubank has attempted to meet up with Blackwell to pay his respects, sending messages to Nick on social media.

As of yet he has not been able to see his former foe, though he still recognises that the most important issue is that Nick is OK after their fight.

“I spoke to him once on Twitter. I sent him a few messages and he got back to me once, saying ‘no hard feelings’ and that I could see him and then I messaged him again trying to get a time and a place but never heard anything,” he said.

“I’m not sure what happened but the important thing is that he’s OK, that there’s no serious damage, that he’s fully recovered and is able to go about his life.”

Blackwell’s attendance at the O2 is set to be his first public appearance since his fight with Eubank Jr, and the 26-year-old has been blown away by the support he has received from the boxing community.

He has recently been more active on social media and has reguarly been visiting the gym he used to train at under Gary Lockett.