CHRIS EUBANK JNR declined the customary face-off with December 12 opponent Gary O’Sullivan, because he didn’t want the Irishman to kiss him.

A year ago O’Sullivan planted a kiss on Anthony Fitzgerald before their bout, which O’Sullivan won by stoppage.

“I’ve seen, in his last face-off, him kiss his opponent. That is unacceptable and because of that he’s lost the privilege of having a face-off with me today,” Eubank said.

Unimpressed “Spike” demanded, “Don’t bottle it.”

It had been a fractious press conference. Referring to exchanges on Twitter, Chris labeled him a “keyboard warrior”. “That what we’ve got here,” he continued, “a Twitter terrorist.”

“I don’t care what he says,” the Irishman maintained. “I’m going to beat him.”

O’Sullivan is aggressive, all action fighter with a hard punch but Eubank warned, “He’s digging himself a very big hole, which he will not come out of.

“It’s going to be short night. He’s going to be walking on to a lot punches.”