AS we consider the best fights of 2017 (you can vote in the Boxing News readers’ poll HERE) a late contender emerged in December when Conor Benn had an unexpectedly brutal war with Cedrick Peynaud at York Hall. In just a six-rounder each knocked their opponent down twice and while Benn can certainly be considered fortunate to have been handed a points win, he did show plenty of heart.

But one man who was not impressed was Chris Eubank, the great rival of his father Nigel Benn.

He tweeted Conor: “Some time ago I advised you to keep your father close because he has knowledge that no trainer can possibly have and it will protect you in many profound ways because of his experiences. Another three fights like your last and you will be a used fighter.”

chris eubank jr

He added: “For being considerate and giving this advice which will aid boxers shouldn’t be confusing as there is nothing harmful in this knowledge. Shielding boxers in this hazardous field of endeavour is a warrior’s code. I’m reaching out to all who live this danger, not those who don’t know.”

But Conor Benn wasn’t having it. He hit back. “Sounds like you’re just trying to justify nicking your son’s limelight,” he said.

“I take my dad’s advice and he is highly involved in my career. But again that’s none of your business. So keep your concerns and opinions to yourself.”