A 1999 sparring session shared with Floyd Mayweather is for what Spadafora is widely known. The footage, which clearly shows Floyd being outboxed and outthought, has been watched millions of times through various guises on You Tube.

It should be no surprise that the footage has proved so popular – Mayweather is Mayweather, after all – but the time to dine out on getting the better of the invincible man in sparring, Spadafora humbly believes, is not 25 years after it occurred.

“It makes me sick to talk about that,” he says passionately. “You’re talking about a guy who they say is arguably the best fighter ever. Don’t talk about me and him. That’s not reality. I had a good day in the gym, he didn’t have a good day in the gym. It was just a fucking sparring match. Do you know how many times I was in a sparring match with another fighter that damn near jammed me up for real, beat the brakes off me? It wasn’t even like I beat him like that, but I had a good day and he had a bad day.

“When it went on YouTube and they made it out to be something that it wasn’t, it ruined my chances of getting a fight with him. But I’m done chasing that dumb shit. He ain’t interested. And why would he be?”