FORMER WBC world super flyweight champion Carlos Cuadras promised to knockout Roman Gonzalez next time they meet in the ring.

The Sinaloa, Mexico, native was all smiles, as usual, in his meeting with the WBC and members of the press in Mexico City on Tuesday. “You took my baby away from me, ‘Chocolatito’,” said Cuadras referring to the famed green and gold belt. “I have a huge thorn on my side and if we both want the rematch, let’s do it.

“We both want it. I now know very well how he boxes. In our rematch, I can fight him toe-to-toe and knock him out so we don’t have to go to the cards.”

In their first meeting, Cuadras gave the Nicaraguan pound for pound king the toughest fight of his career. Some believe that the damage he inflicted was enough to give him the victory but the judges’ scorecards tell the story of a fighter that gave away too many rounds to the relentless, and uber-precise, attack from the now-four-division world champion, Gonzalez.

“It was the best fight that I have ever had,” continued Cuadras. “My opponent helped bring out the best in my boxing ability. Regarding the outcome, I don’t have much to say because boxing is about appreciation and we are going to turn the page. ‘Chocolatito’ himself admitted that the fight was very close, and that, in reality, anyone could have won.”

With both of his fighters willing to go straight to a rematch, Teiken Promotions President, Akihiko Honda, will have to choose between staging the second act in the early part of 2017 or boosting his fighters’ respective fan bases with tune up fights prior to a follow-up mega-event in the fall of next year.

Either way, Cuadras vows to be ready when he meets Gonzalez again. “I want the people to feel proud of me,” said Cuadras. “I want them to know that there is a great Mexican champion. Maybe I didn’t win the fight but I did hit him a lot. People have congratulated me for a fight that I lost. They tell me that I won but he took the belt and that motivates me to train double and win by knockout.”