WBC middleweight Saul “Canelo” Alvarez wouldn’t be drawn on whether Gennady Golovkin is a likely fight for later on this year, insisting that he had to focus on his next challenge, Amir Khan on May 7 in Las Vegas.

“I never underestimate anyone in the ring because anything can happen in the ring. My job is to be prepared, to be ready for the best possible fighter so I can give a great performance,” Canelo said. “Right now I’m focused on Amir Khan. That’s my fight. I want to fight three times this year. That’s my goal. That’s my plan. But anything can happen in this fight with Amir Khan. So sometimes you have a plan and it changes, so I’m focused 100 percent on Amir Khan and we’ll see right after that.”

Fighting that frequently, two more outings after May before the end of 2016, suggests Golovkin should be an option for this year. “It’s in my future plans. It’s definitely in my future plans. I want to have that fight. I want to give that to the fans. I’m just not sure when,” Canelo said. “That fight’s going to happen. It’s going to have to happen. The fight is eventually going to happen.”

Alvarez expects to watch Golovkin’s fight with Dominic Wade on Saturday, saying, “I’m watching it because I’m a fan, I’m a boxing fan, and I like to watch it.  It’s what we do when we’re in training camp. We try to watch all the fights that are televised when we have time to watch them.”

However his real attention is on Khan, not Golovkin. “I’m preparing for this fight on May 7. I’m not even thinking about that,” Saul said. “After the fight, we’ll see. We’ll decide and see what’s the best course of action. But right now, it’s not even in my mind. Hasn’t even crossed my mind.”