CANELO ALVAREZ is on track to fight WBO light-heavyweight Sergey Kovalev. November 2 is the targeted date, even though Kovalev came through an, at times, taxing fight with Anthony Yarde as recently as August 24 in Russia. Kovalev though is likely to persuaded to go promptly into a showdown with Alvarez.

Bob Arum, who co-promotes Kovalev told Boxing News, “We are negotiating that as we speak. We have to figure out whether they want to go November 2, which is a good day, but whether Kovalev can get himself together to go November 2. I think the money is such, which we’ll agree on, that Kovalev will find it within himself to be ready for November 2. I really am optimistic that that fight will happen.”

It will take place at 175lbs, the light-heavyweight limit, not at a catchweight. “Listen, if I was betting on that fight. I would bet on Canelo even though he’s the smaller guy. Why? Because Yarde showed that Kovalev doesn’t take it good to the body. That’s how Andre Ward beat him and one thing about Canelo right, he’s a hell of a body puncher,” Arum said.

Canelo Alvarez
Canelo has rarely fought above middleweight, never at light-heavy and only at 168lbs once Tom Hogan/Hogan Photos/Golden Boy Promotions

Although Arum’s Top Rank promotional company works with broadcaster ESPN, Alvarez is aligned to new streaming service DAZN. The Mexican remains the biggest star in the sport. “Canelo became very, very big on HBO and on pay-per-view,” Arum said. “At this particular point, he has the following of Mexican-Americans who are very numerous in the United States, and all of Mexico, the whole country. He is the successor to Julio Cesar Chavez senior who was the icon in boxing for Mexicans. So I really don’t know if he would become any bigger having gone to DAZN. Maybe he won’t grow as much as [he would on] ESPN, assuming there may be some room to grow. But again when he went to DAZN he was a complete product. And probably, I think definitely the most popular fighter in the world and the fighter that could draw the most on pay-per-view, gates and so forth, tremendous following there’s no question about it.

“That doesn’t make him the best fighter in the world. I mean, I think maybe Loma [Vasyl Lomachenko] or [Terence] Crawford are better fighters but Canelo is right up there, he’s a terrific fighter. But certainly the biggest draw in boxing.”

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