SINCE announcing their much anticipated rematch for May 5 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin came face to face for the first time since their controversial first fight last September.

That contest was judged a draw. While Alvarez boxed well off the backfoot at times, Golovkin’s constant and effective aggression seemed the more convincing. They will now decide the issue when they box again later this year.

Canelo revealed that he will box differently second time around. “I’ve seen the first fight. I know the changes I must make. That’s going to be the key to victory. It’s about adding more things to the preparation. We’re going to add to the arsenal and add more conditioning, punches and aggression. I need to add more punches and aggression for the victory to be clear. The best way to win this fight is by knockout. It’s not easy, but I can do it,” the Mexican star said.

Golovkin believes he deserved the decision in their first fight and the IBF, WBC and WBA middleweight champion intends to make sure of the result in this rematch. “I’ve done my homework,” Golovkin said. “I know what I need to do to win this fight. This fight will be even bigger. After the first fight, I felt good. I felt I won the fight and I was comfortable. I’ve had a lot of time to rest. This fight will be different. I don’t make predictions, but I know I will give a big show.”

Canelo Alvarez

Promoter Oscar De La Hoya declared, “We don’t always get rematches of this magnitude, so that’s why this fight is special. On May 5, we will get an explosive rematch, and I believe Canelo will knock him out.”

Tom Loeffler, Golovkin’s promoter, wants to see fair decision in this rematch. “Because of the first fight, both guys are at another level. That was a mega fight that delivered in the ring. However, Canelo seems to be getting at least one scorecard in the big fights. Maybe it’s the red hair, but he’s doing something to impress the judges,” Loeffler said.

“That’s why Gennady [Golovkin] and Abel Sanchez will make sure that the victory is clearer in the next fight. We believe GGG won the first fight. He’s going to turn up the pressure. Dr. Abel Sanchez is going to turn up the pressure, and we’ll see you Cinco de Mayo in Las Vegas.”