Want to be fitter, faster, stronger? Want to do this in a fun and competitive environment?

Well try out this ‘Time Trial Circuit’

Circuit training can be a great way to develop a boxers fitness. Different types, volumes and intensities can improve a range of physical characteristics.

Circuits can be used to develop aerobic fitness, anaerobic capacity, strength/speed endurance and ability to maintain movement under fatigue.

We use circuit training during our Saturday Sessions, and we found a great opportunity to put Callum Beardow and Nicolie Campbell head to head in a grueling circuit.

Time Trial Circuit

Perform all exercises back to back with no rest in between

Perform 10 reps on KB swings, 10 reps on Press Ups and 10 reps on MB slams before moving on to 15 m x 2 on Prowler Push (50% bodyweight) and 10 m x 5 sprints to finish.

Time the circuit, make sure there is equal rest time for each participant. We had Callum and Nicolie performing circuits with just 1:30 minutes recovery period.

Complete 3-5 sets of the circuit.

Give the circuit a go. Any questions or if you want to send your videos/pictures please contact us at boxing.sci@gmail.com