With a conflict between the rising popularity of strength and conditioning in boxing, and the stigma of ‘weights make you slow’ – Boxing Science’s Danny Wilson explains how strength training can really benefit a boxers punch.

Science Behind The Punch – Recap

Studies suggest that punching force is dependent on the Impulse-Momentum relationship (the change in momentum experienced by a body under the action of a force is equal to the impulse of the resultant force).

Impulse is calculated as force multiplied by time. So the largest impulses are created by large forces optimised for the time it takes to perform a skill. It’s important that you can produce large amounts of force but an effective punch relies on technique when initiating the punch and at impact.

We need to develop a large amount of force in a short space of time

Effective mass is a term given to the ‘snap’ of a punch. This requires the whole body to stiffen up upon impact. The snap requires whole body tension, however the main contributors are the arms, shoulder joint and the core.

So, we need to improve Impulse and Momentum at the same time…. how do we do it?

The Boxing Science Way!

The best way to improve punch force is to improve your punching technique.

However, how easy is it to improve technique once it’s engrained after years of training? Answer: It’s pretty hard!

But we can use strength and conditioning to improve physical performance in an easy and effective way to develop punch effectiveness.

What’s the focus of strength training?

From our own research, we think that a few things contribute to punching force. These include:

  • Lower and upper body maximum strength,
  • Ability to rapidly produce force and;
  • Function of the core muscles.

Like we’ve said before, it’s not a case of ‘moving light weights quick’ nor ‘grinding heavy reps’.

It takes various training types programmed and delivered in a deliberate and systematic manner. You can’t just jump into developing sport specific strength. It must be carefully considered with respect to several inputs.

At Boxing Science, we use diverse training methods to get athletes stronger, more explosive, moving better and punching harder.

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