DISASTER, or more specifically Michael Hunter struck Martin Bakole at London’s York Hall on Saturday night.

Bakole is a highly touted prospect who has been sparring unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua. He was expected to take the step up against Hunter in London but the American, a world class cruiserweight who went the distance with Oleksandr Usyk and competed at the London Olympic Games, was too much for him.

A heavy handed puncher from the Congo, Bakole shook Hunter up with his power. But he was far too open, Hunter moved well and caught Martin far too frequently with shots to the head.

By the end of the eighth round Bakole had injured his shoulder and wanted out of the contest. Billy Nelson, his trainer, wouldn’t permit it. He forced Martin out for two more rounds, in which, scarcely throwing his right, he endured a pummelling from Hunter. Finally in the 10th the American battered the bigger man into the ropes and eventually referee Phil Edwards stopped it at 2-19.

Lee McGregor proved himself, going into the 12th round in only his fifth professional fight. He ultimately clubbed the game Thomas Essomba to his knees where he was counted out at 1-38. McGregor wins the Commonwealth bantamweight title.

Chantelle Cameron secured her eighth professional win unanimously outscoring Jessica Gonzalez.

Cruiserweight Chris Billam Smith was too strong for Robin Dupre, forcing the latter to retire after five rounds.

Louis Adolphe picked up a six round points win over William Warburton.