HUGHIE FURY, the cousin of former heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury, has returned from his WBO world title defeat to Joseph Parker to win the British title. On Saturday at the Bolton Whites hotel he defeated Sam Sexton to claim the Lonsdale belt.

Fury began working well from range, picking off Sexton from the outside with fast jabs.

Hughie showed more power than he had in the past. In the fourth round he put Sexton down. Just before the bell to end the session, Fury staggered him with a stunning one-two combination. Hughie followed up to club him to the canvas with a right hook.

The finish came in the fifth round. Sexton charged straight on to a chopping back hand. The force of the impact deposited Sexton on the canvas, ending the contest at 2-03.

Hughie Fury

“It was a boxing masterclass. I dream to be a world champion. Whoever has those belts – I’m coming, although I lost [to Parker] I’m coming, I’m ready to fight,” Fury said.