THE GB Elite Three Nations championships were held at the Magna Centre in Rotherham May 23-24.


Semi-finals: Men: 52: Muhammad Ali (England) outpd Wesley Davies (Wales) unan.

56: Marcel Braithwaite (England) outpd Kyle Morrison (Wales) split, Calum French (England) outpd Stephen Boyle (Scotland) unan.

60: Adam Cope (England) outpd Stephen Tiffney (Scotland) unan, Jack Wood (England) outpd Nico Morrison (Wales) split.

64: Pat McCormack (England) outpd Lewis Benson (Scotland) split, Alfie Price (England) outpd Gavin Gwynne (Wales) unan.

69: Dennis Broadhurst (Scotland) outpd Conor Loftus (England) split, Cyrus Pattinson (England) beats Kieran Gethin (Wales) unan.

75: Troy Williamson (England) outpd Kieran Smith (Scotland) split, Jamie Evans (Wales) outpd Jack Flatley (England) split.

81: Ashley Vanzie (England) bt Callum Evans (Wales) injury, Bryce Goodridge (England) outpd Scott Forest (Scotland) unan.

Women: 48: Lynsey Holdaway (Wales) outpd Tanya Dady (England) unan. 54: Rachel Bowers (England) outpd Kirsty Hill (England) split.

60: Charlene Jones (Wales) outpd Katy Flynn (England) unan.

64: Rosie Eccles (Wales) outpd Oriance Lungu (England) unan, Cherelle Brown (England) outpd Elaine Grennan (Scotland).

69: Lauren Price (Wales) outpd Stephanie Wroe (England) unan, Paige Murney (England) outpd Gardner Moore (Scotland) unan.

Finals: Men: 49: Joe Maphosa (England) outpd by Aqeel Ahmed (Scotland) split.

52: Ali stpd Matthew McHale (Scotland) 2nd.

56: French w/o.

60: Cope outpd Wood unan.

64: McCormack outpd Price unan.

69: Broadhurst outpd by Pattinson unan.

75: Williamson outpd Evans unan.

81: Vanzie outpd by Goodridge split.

91: Michael McKay (England) outpd by Kody Davies (Wales) unan.

91&: Frazer Clarke (England) stpd Joshua Quailey (England) 3rd.

Women: 48: Holdaway outpd Demi-Jade Resztan (England) unan.

51: Kim Shannon (England) outpd Rebecca McMullin (England) unan.

54: Bowers outpd by Stephanie Kernachan (Scotland) split.

60: Hatty Nylon (England) outpd by Jones unan.

64: Brown outpd Eccles split.

69: Murney outpd by Price unan.

75: Natasha Gale (England) outpd Alex Turbitt (England) unan.