PROMOTER Frank Warren admits he struggles to see why WBA, IBF and WBO world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua would turn down a guaranteed purse of $50 million to fight WBC world heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder in the United States of America this autumn.

Stumbling blocks – read, potential reasons for the offer on the table not being agreed – have ranged from a lack of contract (admittedly, a major one), a refusal to sit down and discuss, and, the latest, a preference to have the fight in the United Kingdom rather than the USA (as per the reported terms of the so-called $50 million guarantee).

But, if all is at it seems, Warren can see no reason why any of these supposed hurdles should be substantial enough to scupper what, he believes, is the best deal out there for Joshua.

“First of all, there was a genuine offer made of a guarantee of 50 million dollars,” Warren told Boxing News. “Whatever happens, he’s going to get 50 million.

“Then, in accordance to the rematch clause, he’d get 30 million. So, over the course of six months he could stand to make 80 million dollars, minimum. That was the deal.

“They’re saying they don’t want to go to the States and Anthony is saying he owes a UK fight to his fans. I’ll tell you what, Ricky Hatton’s fans had the best days out in Vegas. They loved it. Do they really want to do it? You can only assume the reason it’s not happening is because they’re paying him 80 million dollars for his next two fights in the UK.”

Were the decision up to Warren, he’d be readying Joshua’s fans for a trip overseas and looking to replicate the scenes that stunned Sin City residents circa December 2007.

“I’d take it,” he said. “Where’s he going to get a guaranteed 80 million dollars in the next six months? But they must be guaranteeing him that, otherwise why would they turn it down? They must have guaranteed Joshua 80 million out of that billion they’ve got.”

I see what you did there, Frank.

Frank Warren

It’s not exactly a rematch many are desperate to see, but Scott Quigg, to his credit, has show no aversion to stepping back in the ring with his conqueror Carl Frampton, and has even offered to do so on August 18 in Windsor Park, Belfast.

“I know Frampton is without an opponent for August 18, and I’d be more than ready to fight him,” he told the Manchester Evening News.

“None of the world champions are available apart from Gary Russell Jr, and I don’t think Frampton would go near him. Other than that, I don’t see anybody else that could make it a big enough fight to generate excitement.”

“He would probably still fill Windsor Park no matter who he fights, but I don’t think it would be the same buzz with any other fighter than it could be if it was me.”

That’s up for debate. Their first fight, back in February 2016, was hardly competitive, much less a classic.

But Quigg’s right in one respect. He, more than anyone else, will always carry a certain dynamic with Frampton – a bit of needle, a bit of spark – and this connection could be enough to land him the rematch he has always wanted, if perhaps not deserved, at some point in the future.


And finally… a big congratulations to Kellie Maloney, formerly Frank, who is now a “fully-fledged female” having undergone her final operation en route to transition.

If you’re wondering what exactly this final stage entailed, wonder no more. Over to you, Kellie.

“I’m a fully-fledged female now. I had it cut off and replaced,” she told Kent Online.

“Now I’m very relaxed, happy and open about my life.”

Once a fully-fledged boxing promoter and manager, Kellie, then better known as Frank, guided Lennox Lewis to numerous world heavyweight titles and oversaw the careers of numerous other champions in the UK.

Frank then underwent gender assignment in 2014, and now, as Kellie, has finally gone the distance.