Jake Paul and his brother Logan are going to be the next big names in boxing. Now I know that the first line of this blog is going to irritate, maybe even outrage so many people and so will this video below where I tell you why.

Jake Paul, the YouTube star has just boxed his second pro fight against Nate Jones who is a former 10 year NBA veteran. In a horrendous mismatch (Boxing News questions how Jones was licensed here) Jake knocked him out in the second round. After the fight he called out Conor McGregor. This is just a few days after this brother Logan called out Floyd Mayweather!

But I really believe these fights will happen and if they do, guess what, Jake and Logan will then be the most talked about names in boxing, whether you like it or not.

These YouTubers are doing the sport of boxing good, bringing a ton more viewers to the sport. Mike Tyson said in his post-exhibition interview that boxing was dying off because of the UFC until the YouTubers started boxing. Now I don’t think that is true but they are bringing millions of new eyeballs to boxing, which I think is great. 

Watch this video where I break down Jake Paul’s fight and talk about why I think the match with Conor will be happening soon: