TONY BELLEW’S trainer David Coldwell is adamant his man can beat David Haye when the two clash at the O2 in March next year.

“If a man’s been shown that he can be hurt, then he can always be hurt,” Coldwell told Boxing News.

He is hopeful that Haye-Bellew might even break Sky pay-per-view records. “I’ve been in boxing 25 years and I’ve been involved with training, managing, promoting, I’ve never known anything this big. I worked on Harrison-Haye, things like that I worked on. The response from 3pm [Friday] when this got announced has been unbelievable, phone, Twitter, everything. Everything’s just gone nuts,” he said. “What you’ve got to remember is usually in boxing you’ve got one guy that can talk. One guy that chats a lot of s***, one guy that’s brash, bravado, confident and then the other guy’s the one that gets overwhelmed. In this fight both of them chat a lot of s***. Both of them have massive personalities, massive characters, both of them can punch, both of them can get hurt. It’s exciting. This is what you want.”

Coldwell believes an element of intrigue about the fight is fuelling the interest in it. “No matter who you think’s going to win, you don’t know. You don’t know. I believe Bellew will win. But I don’t know. Haye’s saying that he’s 100% convinced he’s going to knock Bellew out with a jab, this that and the other. His team all think that they’re going to win by knockout. But nobody actually knows. We don’t know what David Haye can do right now. We don’t know. We can think. We can think he’s the same man but we don’t know and we don’t know what’s going to happen when that bell goes,” Coldwell said. “I’m very realistic in boxing, if Bellew goes out there and gives him an opportunity and he gets caught flush round one, it could be over. But the same thing is, if David Haye misses and if he gets caught with a shot, he’s getting cleaned out. That’s what this fight is.”

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