THE RESULT: Galal Yafai stops a spirited effort from Agustin Gauto closing the show in the final 20 seconds of the eighth round to maintain his 100 per cent record.

KEY MOMENTS: A competitive start in the first round was tipped in Yafai’s favour when a straight left off a one-two from the Brit had Gauto on unsteady legs. In the fifth Gauto caught Yafai with a couple of meaningful right hands which showed up the defensive frailties in Yafai’s game. By the eighth round the pair were trading shots but the power of Yafai prevailed and when the moment presented itself, he put his foot down forcing referee Raul Caiz Jr to step in and end the fight.

RECORDS: Yafai keeps his 0 intact taking him to 7-0 (5). Gauto, who has had more than three times as many fights, now sits at 21-2 (15).

TALKING POINT: The defensive side of Yafai continues to be a worry. Gauto didn’t need to think on his feet to create an opening. Yafai is always there in the pocket willing to take one or two to allow him to connect with more but against the best flyweights in the world it could be his undoing.

QUOTABLE: “It wasn’t great,” Yafai said of his performance. “I got a bit too comfortable sometimes but he [Gauto] can punch. I get too excited and that could be my downfall in the future. Hopefully, it’s not. I’ve got to be careful [with] what’s coming back.”

A fight against fellow Matchroom flyweight Sunny Edwards looks like a realistic option for the future. But what does Yafai think? “If that’s the fight people want, and Eddie [Hearn] wants it then they can offer me a good chunk of money.”

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? With him being in the top eight of three of the four sanctioning body’s rankings Yafai needs to step up his opposition even more. A Sunny Edwards fight won’t happen next leaving Hearn with some thinking to do about how far to push the 2020 Olympic Gold Medalist next time out.