ANTHONY OGOGO is restarting his stalled professional career. He’s already fought more often in 2016 than he did in the preceeding 18 months and the Olympic bronze medallist is loving being back.

He suffered injury setbacks that prevented him from competing and training. But now that is behind him. “I’ve got that bit between my teeth. I’ve got a whole new sense of appreciation for boxing,” Ogogo said. “Now I’m doing it again, I’ve enjoyed it. Since I’ve been back in the gym in January not one day has gone past where I haven’t enjoyed training, even the hard spars, I’ve enjoyed it because that beats having to get taken to the bathroom by your girlfriend, that’s bad days.

“In those dark days where nobody sees you in so much pain that you can’t even sleep at night apart from my girlfriend who had to deal with me. I’ve worked so hard. It feels six months ago was a very long time ago, some very, very dark days and I’ve worked hard for days like this… The journey’s already back on the road.”

He boxed in Glasgow, halting Gary Cooper, before competing on Anthony Joshua’s undercard at the O2 when he flattened Frane Radnic with a clean left hook to the jaw.

“It felt almost like another debut,” Anthony said of his return to action in Scotland. “It felt strange because of the inactivity but now it’s my job to get in the ring, no headguard, pro gloves, pro environment and make it second nature to me. That’ll only happen the more often I fight. The more often I fight, the sharper I’ll become, the better I’ll feel and then it’s win-win for everybody.

“I can’t wait to be headlining it myself. In the meantime I’ve got to play by the rules, be on the undercard until I work my way up there to headline myself. It’s going to be an exciting journey.”

He’s done some good sparring, including with George Groves. “That was nice, just got a few short, sharp rounds in, help him out so again it’s great sparring with a guy who’s very experienced. It’s been really good,” Anthony said.

“Keeping as busy as possible is my objective,” he continued. “My job is to box, be sensational in my fights, make it impossible to be ignored and do things the hard way. I’ve done things the hard way my entire life. Nothing’s new in that respect. I’m not where I want to be because of the injuries and whatever but there’s no point sitting and whinging and sulking about not being there. I’ve got to get there. And the only way I’m going to get there is by being great.”