THE negotiations for Anthony Joshua’s rematch with Oleksandr Usyk continue. A site in the UK is still one of the options for the location of the fight, with Saudi Arabia a potential destination it too. It had been targeted for late June but could be pushed into July.

“We are in final negotiations with a couple of sites for either the end of June or early-mid July,” said Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn. “I reckon within two weeks we will have news on where that’s going to be. An option is in the UK. The difference is we don’t really need proper negotiations with a venue in the UK, we can just book it.”

Sky Sports have been the broadcaster for Joshua professional career and are widely expected to televise his rematch with Usyk in the UK on pay-per-view.

But Hearn noted, “DAZN are definitely in the mix. It depends on the deal as well because some deals vary in terms of the rights. So you could do a fight where the site would control certain rights for a fight etc. Or that could be retained. Obviously we’ve had a great relationship with Sky and AJ and those negotiations continue at the moment. DAZN obviously would love to procure Anthony Joshua to the platform, as would other broadcasters as well. But I think it’s just a case really of just confirming the deal for the AJ fight with Usyk and then securing the broadcaster to follow.”