A BREAKOUT year looms ahead of British heavyweight Anthony Joshua. The Olympic gold medallist built momentum impressively over the last 12 months with eye-catching stoppage wins. He begins his 2015 campaign on January 31 against America’s Kevin Johnson and is addinh new methods into his training to boost his performance next year.

“Boxers, we’re always curled up with a lot of the ab [work] we do. There’s a lot of stretching, breathing to open up my body. Stuff like handstand presses, which strengthen all your shoulders, stuff like that, obviously leg training. I’ve always been doing front squats and so on, boxers are moving side to side, a bit more functional training,” he said, explaining some of the new elements he’ll add into his workouts.

“Instead of stretching that keeps me closed you need to be opened up more, a boxer always crouches. Opening up more gives you more range. Water intake, little things like that, just being more professional. 2014’s out the way now… It’s time to take it up another notch and it’ll be interesting to see if it benefits me. Towards the summer all the stuff I’m doing now it should start kicking in when the fights potentially are going to get tougher. That’s why I need to start early.”

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