ANTHONY JOSHUA and Tyson Fury have long been linked as rivals but now, considering Fury’s well-documented troubles, Joshua is wishing for Tyson to recover and return to the ring.

“You never know what someone’s going through behind closed doors. I think the man’s got bags of talent. One of the few men to defeat Klitschko so he’s got bags of talent. I just hope he can get himself together and he can get back in the ring and do what he does best and make headlines for boxing,” Joshua told Sky Sports. “That’s what he knows, that’s the man he is so he should do what he does best and that’s fighting so I definitely believe we shall see Tyson Fury in the ring soon.”

Fury has spoken of his disillusionment with boxing. Joshua added, “Everyone’s got their own views, everyone’s got their own opinions. It’s freedom of speech so he’s entitled to his opinions so I think if that’s the way he feels about boxing he’s voicing it from a place of passion. Whether we agree with it or not, maybe we just don’t see it from his point of view. That’s all it is.”