AMIR KHAN needed to strip naked to make weight for his welterweight clash with Samuel Vargas in Birmingham tomorrow (September 8). But he came in at 147lbs, the lightest he’s weighed since 2015.

His opponent Samuel Vargas also came in under the limit at 146lbs.

Khan told Sky Sports, “Everything had to come off today and that’s the first time that has happened. We made the weight so I’m glad. I’m now going to hydrate myself, eat well and be ready for tomorrow night.

“I feel good, this is my natural weight and where I feel strongest.

“You see the speed, power and explosive at this weight. I have a 100 per cent record in this division.

“Vargas seems ready and made the weight well, but I’m more than ready. It is a test, most of these guys give it their all and he’s had enough time to train.”

See below for the full running order at the Arena Birmingham and weights:

DOORS 16:00

16:05 | 4 x 3 mins Super-Welterweight contest @ 11st 5lbs
STEVEN DONNELLY 11st 3lbs 6oz v  MIGUEL AGUILAR 11st 1lb
(Ballymena)                                            (Barcelona)
4 x 3 mins Cruiserweight contest @ 13st 10lbs
(Birmingham)                           (Lithuania)
6 x 3 mins Super-Bantamweight @ 8st 12lbs
OSMAN ASLAM 8st 11lbs v JACK SUMMERS 8st 11lbs 6oz
(Bolton)                                   (West Bromwich)
6 x 3 mins Super-Bantamweight contest @ 8st 12lbs
QAIS ASHFAQ 8st 11lbs 2oz v GARY AUSTIN 8st 12lbs 11oz
(Leeds)                                           (Liverpool)
8 x 3 mins Super-Bantamweight contest @ 8st 12lbs
GAMAL YAFAI 9st 12oz v BRAYAN MAIRENA 8st 10lbs 3oz
(Birmingham)                     (Nicaragura)
18:00 | 10 x 3 mins Midlands Area Super-Welterweight Championship @ 11st
RYAN KELLY 10st 11lbs 12lbs v KELCIE BALL 10st 13lbs
(Birmingham)                                (Dordon)
19:00 | 10 x 3 mins Super-Welterweight contest @ 11st
SCOTT FITZGERALD 11st 1lb 12oz v CRAIG MORRIS 10st 13lbs 6oz
(Preston)                                                (Ludlow)
8 x 3 mins Lightweight contest @ 10st 2lbs
LEWIS RITSON 10st 2oz v OSCAR AMADOR 10st 2lbs
(Newcastle)                          (Nicaragua)
 12 x 3 mins British Middleweight Championship @ 11st 6lbs
JASON WELBORN 11st 5lbs v TOMMY LANGFORD 11st 5lbs 8oz
(Tividale)                                     (Birmingham)
10 x 3 mins Super-Welterweight contest @ 11st
SAM EGGINGTON 10st 13lbs v HASSAN MWAKINYO 11st 1lbs
(Birmingham)                              (Tanzania)
12 x 3 mins Welterweight contest @ 10st 7lbs
AMIR KHAN 10st 7lbs v SAMUEL VARGAS 10st 6lbs
(Bolton)                            (Toronto, Canada)
6 x 3 mins Middleweight @ 11st 2lbs
KIERON CONWAY 11st 2lbs v GINO KANTERS 11st 5lbs 1lb
(Northampton)                           (Holland)
 4 x 3 mins Lightweight @ 10st 3lbs
SEAN McCOMB 10st 2lbs 8oz v LESTER CANTILLANO 9st 12lbs 8oz
(Belfast)                                          (Barcelona)