THE Wolverhampton Civic Hall was supposed to be graduation day for Frankie Gavin. The British and Commonwealth champion was taking on battle hardened 39-year-old Leonard Bundu of Italy for his European title. On paper it was a genuine 50-50 fight. Bundu was proven at this level making six defences of his belt that he won in 2011. Gavin, though, was an outstanding amateur and perhaps too slowly had moved to 19-0 since turning pro in 2009. In that time Gavin had captured his two titles and anytime he was pushed up a level he always came through well with wins against Junior Witter and Denton Vassell.

That level was pushed up a huge notch with Bundu but for five rounds Gavin was excellent as he controlled the distance with his southpaw jab, quick straight lefts and movement that wouldn’t let Bundu get set. Anytime Gavin’s back touched the ropes he cleverly spun away leaving Bundu chasing shadows. Gavin looked the real deal, while Bundu looked his age.

The fight then took a dramatic turn in the sixth as a huge right hook to the ribs dropped Gavin heavily. The fight looked over as Gavin rolled about in pain but somehow late in the count he jumped up. It was a brutal body shot and a reverse of what Mike Tyson did all those years ago with his bolo punches. Tyson would hit the body first to make his opponents hand drop so he could take aim at the head with a stunning hook of uppercut. Bundu did the opposite but it had devastating effect as he set Gavin up by aiming a short right hook to the head before quickly moving downstairs with that even harder body shot. No doubts it changed the fight.

Over the next four rounds Bundu took control of the bout as he chased Gavin around the ring but this time Gavin couldn’t spin out of the corner, Bundu had increased the pace but probably more importantly Gavin was still feeling the effects of that blow to the body. With two rounds left the fight was up for grabs, Bundu had turned it around, this writer had him up 95-94 after ten but somehow Gavin found that extra energy to sneak the 11th and then dominate the 12th. It was enough on my card to secure victory by 1 point. The fight was too close to call, maybe three rounds were swing rounds. It was down to the judges all who were from neutral countries as was experienced ref Daniel Van De Wiele of Belguim.

The scores took ages to be announced but when they came it was bad news for Frankie Gavin. The first one gave hope as Judge Robert Verwijs of Holland had it 115-112 for Gavin but he was overruled by German and Spanish Judges Arnold Golger and Manuel Oliver Palomo who both scored it 114-113 for Bundu. Gavin then bolted from the ring disgusted at the verdict but later tweeted it was the wrong thing to do. Bundu will now be looking for a world title fight and hinted he would be vacating the European title and his newly won Commonwealth belt, something he didn’t know he was fighting for until it was placed in his hands after the fight.

Below is the 29 boxing writers scores for this fight along with my full scorecard. A press average score has also been added.

Bobby Hunter’s Scorecard 

Round 1…. 10-9 Bundu

Round 2…. 9-10 Gavin

Round 3…. 9-10 Gavin

Round 4…. 9-10 Gavin

Round 5…. 9-10 Gavin

Round 6…. 10-8 Bundu

Round 7…. 10-9 Bundu

Round 8…. 9-10 Gavin

Round 9…. 10-9 Bundu

Round 10.. 10-9 Bundu

Round 11.. 9-10 Gavin

Round 12.. 9-10 Gavin

TOTAL : 114-113 Frankie Gavin

Press Ave Score

114-113 BUNDU

20 scores for Bundu – 69%

7 Scores for Gavin – 24 %

2 scores a Draw – 7 %

Boxing Media Scores

Danny Flexen (Boxing news) : 115-114 Gavin

Barry Jones (Boxnation TV) : 114-113 Gavin

Shaun Brown (Boxingscene) : 114-113 Gavin

Danny Winterbottom (Boxing News Online ) : 114-113 Gavin

Steve Adams Jnr (RingNews24) : 114-113 Gavin

Adam Roberts (Checkhookboxing) : 114-113 Bundu

Ciaran Shanks (Irvine Times) : 114-113 Bundu

Tha Boxing Voice : 116-111 Bundu

Andy Paterson (BoxingAsylum) : 114-113 Bundu

Kasim Aslam (GlobalBoxing) : 115-113 Bundu

Alex Morris (KTC Boxing) : 114-113 Bundu

Daniel Vano (CheckHookBoxing) : 114-113 Bundu

Victor M Salazar (ThaBoxingVoice) : 116-111 Bundu

Instant Boxing : 115-112 Bundu

Nathan Orr (BoxingScene) : 114-113 Bundu

John Evans (LiveFight) : 114-113 Gavin

ATR Boxing Tipster : 115-112 Bundu

Ryan Bivins (SweetBoxing) : 115-111 Bundu

Paul Perotti Boxing : 115-113 Bundu

Livefight : 114-113 Bundu

Andy Clarke (Boxnation TV) : 114-114 DRAW

By The Minute Boxing : 114-113 Bundu

Robert Palmer (CheckHookBoxing) : 115-112 Bundu

First Class Boxing : 114-114 DRAW

Adam Canavan (BoxingMadMagazine) : 114-113 Gavin

John Hoolan (Freelance) : 115-112 Bundu

Matthew McEvoy (Forever Sports) : 114-113 Bundu

Nelson Stanley (Boxrec) : 115-113 Bundu

John A MacDonald (Livefight) : 114-113 Bundu