You must be confident in the challenge ahead to take the fight away in Germany?

Yeah it’s brilliant, I’m looking forward to it. I’ve seen a few decisions go the wrong way over there [in Germany] but I’m not going there for the first time around boxing, I’ve been with Martin Murray when he’s fought and I’ve been around it all from the weigh-in, changing rooms, I’ve actually been in the ring, not fighting but with Martin in the corner so I’ve been around it all. Obviously it’s different now it’s actually me getting in the ring fighting but that doesn’t bother me too much, it’s an opportunity that’s been presented to me and I have to take it, wherever it is I’ll go but I’m looking forward to it.

What do you expect from Tyron Zeuge?

I know he’s a good fighter, he’s done everything he could do he’s the champion but I think where I’m at now in this stage of my career, it’s my chance now to step up and take it. I accepted to fight [WBO super-middleweight champion Gilberto] Ramirez, he’s tipped as one of the best in the world so I’m not too bothered who I fight. Zeuge is a good fighter he does everything well but I think I’ve boxed the better opponents on my record and I think I punch harder. Let’s see what he’s like when he takes one.

Is there less pressure on you as you are fighting away?

He’s the champion, it’s in his backyard. I’m going in there with the confidence and excitement of just winning and having that feeling, but it’s a mix of emotions really as there is a bit of pressure – I’m fighting for a world title in Germany but I’m putting that aside and just thinking about winning and getting my hand raised, getting home safe and the travelling fans are all happy. The pressure’s on him to keep that belt in front of his home crowd.

Could winning this fight be a career defining moment?

With the super-middleweight division now you look how huge it is, you’ve got World Boxing Super Series and [George] Groves and Callum [Smith] that’s a big fight but this is my chance now to win this and get back over here and get the big domestic fights out there. I’m not trying to think about anything else but I’ve only lost once out of the 27 I’ve had and it’s against the guy [Callum Smith] who’s now fighting for a world title himself. I’ve got big fights out there, but the main thing is getting this fight done Saturday.

You have had to wait a while for this opportunity, has it been hard to do this?

I’ve worked my way up, as I said I’ve only got one loss and I’ve had five wins on the bounce against good opposition and my rankings are high in every governing body. I had an IBF eliminator that came up so I think there’s no way I couldn’t have got a big fight this year, I’ve fought everyone Eddie [Hearn] has put in front of me so I couldn’t have carried on winning like that and not gone anywhere in my career so I got the call to fight in July. I’m ranked fourth with the WBA, Groves is the super champion and Zeuge’s defending his title against me so when you look down the rankings I’m right there so I jumped at the opportunity. The opportunity for me has always been there or thereabouts and I knew I’d have to be ready and I have done so I trained hard, kept in the gym and waited for the opportunity and now it’s come I’m ready to take it.

If you are successful on Saturday, there are a lot of super-middleweights domestically, is there a specific name you would like to target?

We’ll see how things go, but if I win this Saturday and come back home and Eddie says I’m fighting George Groves here’s the offer or you’re fighting Callum Smith here’s the offer or a [James] DeGale I’d look at it. There’s not one name out there they’re all on my radar at the minute but it’s about getting Saturday out the way, if I win that then fingers crossed any good fight that MTK or Eddie come at me and say, I’d look at it. I know I’d have to call them out, obviously Callum has beaten me so it would be nice to get back in there with him if I win Saturday and he beats Groves, but if you look at the rankings you have Callum there, Groves, DeGale, Eubank Jnr I think is ahead although I don’t know how he’s just come into the division, and then there’s me. So I know I’m up there, they’re all big fights and if Eddie came and said to me there’s an offer to fight someone I’m not bothered.

Who do you think wins the WBSS super-middleweight final between Groves and Smith, and why?

I think Groves. From the start I’ve gone with Groves and as I’ve seen his performances against [Jamie] Cox and Eubank Jnr, they were two great performances but I’ve also watched Callum’s and I think Groves was the better performance wise. But then with his shoulder coming out I don’t know if that will set him back and how bad the injury is and then fighting so soon. I’d pick Groves just off the performances but Callum has a great chance and it’s a really good 50/50 fight, I know Callum, he’s beaten me, but I do hope he can pull it off.

Rocky Fielding

Everyone in the Jamie Moore camp seems to be getting great results and the team morale seems high, what is it like to be a part of this?

It’s really nice, me and Martin [Murray] were in camp together, and Tommy [Coyle] and Carl [Frampton] had been training over the summer at the time and all the lads were together, it was a real push for us all. It’s been great to train alongside Frampton, I’ve always been with Martin but with all the lads coming in now everyone’s hungry and wanting to get to the top together. Obviously Carl’s been there before and now he wants to get back there and the gym’s buzzing, everyone winning and performing and it creates a good buzz, we’re all pushing off each other and pushing each other on with the training and support and I think everyone just thrives off it. We’ve had a couple of great wins in the last weeks and months and now it my turn to keep it going on Saturday.